Carnwood Contracting has the expertise and late model equipment needed to complete your reclamation project. We are ready to restore your pipeline right-of-way (ROW) or lease site safely and efficiently from start to finish.

Our land reclamation services include herbicide application, discing, rototilling, cultivating, harrowing, rolling, and seeding. We also provide labour and equipment for infrastructure removal & disposal, rock picking, fence building, and other manual tasks as required.

These are a few examples of the types of reclamation projects Carnwood has successfully completed:

  • Preparing soil and seeding on pipeline right-of-ways (ROW’s) and newly built or reclaimed lease sites in areas ranging from cropland to heavily forested areas with difficult access
  • Removal & disposal of fences, concrete, and infrastructure from decommissioned sites found in locations ranging from open pastures to overgrown forested areas
  • Removal, disposal, and replacement of contaminated soil & vegetation
  • Herbicide Application (Selective Vegetation Control/Weed spraying) on lease sites to control noxious weeds prior to obtaining Reclamation Certificate
  • Herbicide Application (Total Vegetation Control/Baregrounding) on right-of-ways (ROW’s) and lease sites to prepare for tilling and seeding or to protect tree seedlings

Soil prep & seeding on a newly constructed lease

Reclaimed lease 1 year after seeding

Reclaimed pipeline ROW 1 year after seeding

Fence & concrete removal from heavily overgrown forest with minimal impact