Herbicide Application

Herbicide application (spraying) is proven as a cost effective and safe method of vegetation control. Carnwood Contracting uses the right equipment and the right people with the right training to apply premium herbicides as part of your vegetation management program.

Our fleet consists of a wide variety of modern and efficient herbicide application equipment including trucks, UTV’s, ATV’s, tracked vehicles, sectional and boomless sprayers, GPS controllers and a variety of hand operated equipment. Your site is sprayed efficiently and effectively by using the best equipment for the job.


Ensuring areas around infrastructure are vegetation free is often required for regulatory and safety reasons. We offer residual and contact programs as part of our total vegetation control services.

The residual program provides you with season long control of unwanted vegetation backed by our warranty program. Once your management plan is designed, a tank mix is developed according to conditions, soil type, weather patterns, and environmental profile to maximize the control and limit the environmental foot print. We visit your site once per season and apply a tank mix with different herbicide groups to ensure vegetation on your site will be managed and controlled all season long.

The contact program is designed to control the vegetation during its most active growth period. This program is not guaranteed throughout the season, conditions and length of the growing season may affect the outcome. Multiple applications may be needed throughout the season to ensure proper maintenance and control of the vegetation.

Broadleaf Control

Control of prohibited noxious weeds is a regulatory requirement and helps protect Canadian landowners from invasive species that threaten crops, livestock and native plants and animals. The best defense against broadleaf weeds is competition from native grasses so we utilize selective herbicides developed to control weeds while being friendly to grasses. Selective herbicides are typically used along roadways, pipeline right of ways, berms, lease sites, and environmentally sensitive areas. Some of the common weeds controlled are Canada Thistle, Sow Thistle, Scentless Chamomile, Common Tansy, Oxeye Daisy, and Tall Buttercup.


Complete environmental records are maintained by Carnwood Contracting. Herbicide type, amount used, area applied, weather, site conditions, weed infestation, and plant growth stage are all recorded while sprayed areas are displayed on detailed maps. This information is provided electronically shortly after work completion for your convenience.